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Dave's adventure, chop trees, kill the beaver, admire the world. Made from Kindred Game Jam Theme: At the beginning, there is nothing, dave is dropped in the middle of the Canadian wilderness with nothing. You can't escape, so you might as well build your house.

Premade Assets: Cartoon Water Shader by Sandvector Studios, Ultra Dynamic Sky by Everett Gunther. Low Poly Style Deluxe Mountain Environment by WolfDigitalLLC,


- RMB, throw axe

- LMB, swing axe

- E, eat 

- F, pick up

- Tab, crafting

- ESC, pause

- T, to deposit wood

(Apologies for no beard shaving mechanic)

Install instructions

Instructions to download:

1. Download File

2. Extract From Zip

3. Go Into WindowsNoEditor until you see the executable called Dave's Adventure.

4. Double click, and if your computer says it's a virus, it's not probably, so click more info and run anyway.

5. Enjoy the Canadian wilderness.


WindowsNoEditor.zip 527 MB

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